Season: Spring cleanups typically begin in March weather permitting. The regular lawn maintenance (mowing) season begins approximately mid-April at our discretion based on average weather and growth patterns for our service area at the time, and ends after the second week of October. Fall cleanups begin the third week of October. Fall cleanups continue through the end of November or the first significant snowfall. Cleanups can continue into December if possible and necessary. 

Selling/Moving: The customer is responsible to let Endless Summer Lawn Care know if they have sold or moved from the property we service for them. The customer is financially responsible for any services they signed up for that are completed at the property regardless of the timing of the end of ownership or tenancy if they did not properly cancel their services and account as outlined in these Terms of Service. 

Customer property responsibility: The customer is not required to be present while any service is performed, but the service area must be accessible (no areas or gates blocked by vehicles, trailers, etc.) and free of obstructions (excessive animal poop, lawn furniture, lawn decorations and ornaments, holiday decor, toys, trash, extension cords, pet leads, hoses, etc.) prior to the scheduled visit. All pets must be secured. Crews will avoid insect nests. We do not move trampolines for liability reasons. We do not trim around or mow near inflatable or soft-sided pools to avoid puncturing them. Plants that are planted in the lawn and are not in landscape beds should be staked or flagged and our office should be notified so that we can update mow notes with locations. Notify us of locations of any landscape or solar lighting located in the lawn and not in landscape beds. Notify us ahead of time if there will be a potential conflict between our maintenance and other outside work, such as driveway sealing, roofing, septic, gas lines, pool installation, non-Endless Summer fertilization, etc. If we encounter obstructions or conflicts, at the crew’s discretion, we will service what we have access to or we will skip your property and you will be charged according to the terms of the service we are there to perform. If there is something unavoidable, urgent, etc., we will work with you to be as fair as possible, but these are the parameters of this policy. 

Holidays: Endless Summer Lawn Care closes to observe observe Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day.

Automatically renewing services: All recurring and package services on the customer’s account (mowing, bed maintenance, Spring and Fall cleanups, fertilization, pruning, insect spray, and any additional packages Endless Summer may offer) automatically renew each year. Services that do not renew automatically include mulch, planting, excavation, landscape installations, general cleanups (not Fall or Spring), brush removal, or any other one-time jobs. The client can contact Endless Summer Lawn Care at any time to make changes to their account. To cancel an automatically renewing service, please email your written request to Cancelation requests via another communication method will be directed to send an email. 

Automatic payments: Endless Summer Lawn Care requires a debit or credit card on file for automatic weekly payments. Please see security information at the bottom of the page. Services will not be scheduled or performed without a card on file for automatic payments. We accept all major credit cards. Cards will be automatically charged the Monday following completion of the previous week’s service(s). In the event that Monday is a holiday, cards may be charged or processed on Tuesday. If payment declines on Monday, the card will be run again on Wednesday, Friday, and the following Monday each week until the charge goes through. Notifications of card failure are sent via email. If payment does not go through after one week, services are subject to be paused until account balance is paid in full. Notification of paused service is sent via email. If a payment method on file continuously fails, we reserve the right to require a different card to be placed on file for continuation of service. If the second payment method also fails, we reserve the right to terminate the service agreement. We reserve the right to send delinquent invoices over 90 days past due to collections. We do not accept cash or checks. 

Large job deposits: Any job over $1,000 requires a 50% deposit up front to reserve your place on our schedule and cover any up front materials costs. Signing the job estimate authorizes this charge and a customer service representative will communicate with you before running the payment. Jobs over $1,000 will not be added to our schedule until deposit is paid. All remaining balances after deposit is applied will be automatically charged the Monday following full completion of the work agreed upon in the signed estimate. Deposits for jobs cancelled prior to 5pm the day before the job is scheduled to begin are fully refundable as long as we can return any material we already purchased for the job. Anything we can’t return will be deducted from the deposit. Deposits are not refundable after 5pm the day before the job is scheduled to begin point. Any significant changes or additional work requested above and beyond any signed estimate will require a new quote and signature. Additional work may or may not immediately follow initial work without interruption depending on company scheduling. 

Service cancelation: All requests for cancellation of services provided by Endless Summer Lawn Care  must be submitted to Verbal requests or requests made through other means will not be considered valid. The cancellation of services is not confirmed until the customer receives a response from Endless Summer Lawn Care explicitly confirming the cancellation. This confirmation will be sent via email to the address provided by the customer in the cancellation request. The cancellation of services will be effective as of the date specified in the confirmation email. If customers do not receive a response confirming their cancellation request within one business day, they should contact our customer support team immediately to ensure their request is properly processed.

Account cancelation: To cancel all services and account, the customer will be required to fill out a form sent to their email and settle any outstanding balance before cancelation will be processed. Cancelation is not confirmed until cancelation confirmation email is sent by us. 

Communication: We send all official communication via email. We do not send physical mail. It is the customer’s responsibility to monitor their email inbox for communications from us. Please make sure that you provide us with an email address that is regularly checked. A second billing email can be added to your account if you would like your invoices sent to a different address than your general contact email. Unsubscribing from our emails will remove you from our mailing list and you will miss important emails including renewals, reminders, notices, price changes, failed charges, service offers, and more. We are not responsible for any information not delivered due to the customer unsubscribing from our emails.

Terms of Service: By signing up with Endless Summer Lawn Care, you are accepting these Terms of Service.

Changes to Terms of Service: You can review the most current Terms of Service at any time at this page. We reserve the right to update, change, or replace any part of our Terms of Service by posting to this page. Your continued use of our services following the posting of any changes to these Terms of Service constitutes your acceptance of those changes.

Contact information: Questions about these terms of service should be sent to us at



Endless Summer Lawn Care is committed to protecting consumer credit card data in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Our alignment with this standard is reflected in the people, technologies and processes we employ.

We conduct regular vulnerability scans and penetration tests in accordance with the PCI DSS requirements for our business model. We attest to our PCI compliance annually, and our most recent self-attestation was completed in December 2023.