This is a two-part service designed to prepare your beds for regular maintenance and/or mulching. This is a great choice for any beds that have been neglected for a long period of time.

Visit 1: all beds are sprayed to kill existing weeds.
Visit 2: weeds that were previously sprayed are now dead and all beds are cleaned, edged with a trimmer, and mulch is raked over, ensuring debris from dead weeds is raked up and removed.

We recommend beginning services with a one time bed cleanup if:

  • You are signing up for mulch mid-season, or for our bed maintenance program after April services have concluded
  • Your beds have never been chemically treated
  • Your beds currently have significant weed growth
  • You have not had recent spring or fall cleanups
  • You want your beds to look great as soon as possible

If any of the above points are true and you choose to jump right into monthly bed maintenance without beginning with a one-time bed cleanup, please note that it will take time for your beds to look clean and well-maintained. If you are opting out before mulching, please be sure that the included bed-prep will be sufficient for the shape of your beds.

Price listed is a one time charge. This is two-part, one-time service that will be billed the Monday following completion of the second visit.