Service Includes:

  • Bed Prep: Leaves, sticks, pinecones and other debris are raked up. Weedwacking is done as necessary.
  • Edging: Previously maintained edges are redefined or new edges are created.
  • Installation: Mulch is delivered and installed at a depth of approximately 2 inches.

Price includes all materials, labor, and delivery.

Please note: The included bed prep is sufficient for beds that are already clean. Bed prep is not a full bed cleanup service and does not include weed pulling or spray. If your beds have been neglected for a long period of time, please choose the option for a one-time bed cleanup. If you opt out of a one-time bed cleanup and your beds are overgrown and/or contain significant amounts of debris, an hourly rate cleanup will be performed and added to your final bill.

Up to 2 yards of mulch may be added at $50/yard to cover material costs if needed to properly complete the job. In the rare event that more than 2 additional yards is needed, we will contact the customer for approval.