Bi-Weekly Maintenance

Rate listed on your proposal is per-visit
This service automatically renews ♻️

Your lawn is mowed between 3′ and 3.5″ every other week from approximately mid-April through the second week of October. Clippings are mulched to help retain nutrients in the lawn.

Trimming & Edging
All turf areas that can’t be mowed are trimmed. Walkways, driveways, patios, and previously maintained landscape beds are edged.

All hard surfaces including porch, driveway, walkways, patio, and deck are blown off. Any clippings on the edges of beds are also blown out.

Bi-weekly mowing is not recommended for fertilized lawns due to the speed and thickness at which fertilized lawns grow – it won’t look good! 

Please be aware that Lawn Maintenance is exclusively focused on your property’s turf and does not encompass weed maintenance of landscape beds, hard surfaces, or other non-turf areas. Lawn Maintenance is just one aspect of a well-kept yard. For comprehensive maintenance of your outdoor space, please inquire about our additional services!

Service Details and Terms


Season: The regular lawn maintenance (mowing) season begins approximately mid-April at our discretion based on average weather and growth patterns for our service area at the time, and ends after the second week of October.

Agreement Period for Maintenance: The agreement period for the mowing season is the week mowing begins in approximately mid-April at our discretion, through the second week of October. Any skips for any reason (besides new customers signing on late) during the agreement period are subject to our skipping policy, detailed below. If you want to start the season later than our schedule, you may choose to skip mows until you want to begin, which can be no later than May 1.  Requests to end the season early without skipping mows will result in the termination of the maintenance service. Requests to reinstate service in the spring may be declined, but would require a new proposal to be signed. 

Skipping: The Customer is responsible to call, text, or email prior to 4:30 pm the business day before the scheduled cutting day if they do not want their lawn cut. For Monday lawns, this means we need notice by 4:30pm the Friday before due to routes being set before the office opens Monday morning. With proper advance notice, the customer is permitted one free skip for the season. There will be a 50% of mow price fee for any additional skips with advance notice to reserve your place on our schedule and cover the business’ fixed costs associated with maintaining the lawn under a weekly or bi-weekly agreement. Skips requested without proper notice, a crew arriving and being sent away, or a crew arriving and being unable to perform a service due to other work or obstacles obstructing the property, will result in a full charge of the regular mow price to cover the above mentioned costs plus the crew and office time to re-route the day. We allow for a maximum of two weeks between services, so back-to-back skips for weekly lawns are not permitted. We do not allow skipping a bi-weekly lawn unless it is the first or last of the season. Skipping a bi-weekly lawn mid-season would result in a 4-week gap between cuts. This gap renders the lawn “unmaintainable” and requires extra time above and beyond our budgeted hours to return the lawn to maintainable shape, which results in an extra charge of double the regular mow price. If there is something unavoidable, urgent, etc., please reach out to us to discuss your specific situation and we’ll do our best to work with you. 

Summer: We do not skip lawns in the summer season. We continue coming on your set schedule through the end of the agreement period unless you reach out to us to skip, outlined above. Our pricing is based on maintaining your lawn on a schedule for the whole season. The quicker mows in the summer offset the additional time we spend in the spring and fall when lawns are higher, thicker, wetter, and leafier. Grass that is “burned up” in the summer is not dead, it’s just dormant. This is a normal part of the life cycle of grass and it will come back as the heat abates. Each visit, our crews will assess your lawn and determine if there are certain areas that should be avoided. Shade, low lying spots, irrigation, fertilization, and many other factors will allow for growth throughout the hot months. These areas will continue to be mowed but at a higher deck height than during the spring. Maintenance is not only mowing, but also trimming and cleaning. We will continue to trim, edge, and blow debris from all of your hard surfaces. If time allows, crews will also cut back encroaching wood lines.

Three Service Minimum for Maintenance: Endless Summer Lawn Care does not use contracts, but we do require a three-service minimum to sign up for recurring mowing and we do have an agreement period (see above). We don’t offer one-time or short term maintenance due to the costs associated with adding a new lawn on our schedule. If the customer cancels after one service, they will be charged for three to cancel. If the customer cancels after two services, they will be charged for three to cancel. After the three service minimum is reached, the customer can terminate service at any time without penalty, so long as notice is given prior to 4:30pm the day before the next scheduled service. See company cancelation policy.

Customer property responsibility: The customer is not required to be present while any service is performed, but the service area must be accessible (no areas or gates blocked by vehicles, trailers, etc.) and free of obstructions (excessive animal poop, lawn furniture, lawn decorations and ornaments, toys, trash, extension cords, pet leads, hoses, etc.) prior to the scheduled visit. All pets must be secured. Crews will avoid insect nests. We do not move trampolines for liability reasons. We do not trim around or mow near inflatable or soft-sided pools to avoid puncturing them. Plants that are planted in the lawn and are not in landscape beds should be staked or flagged and our office should be notified so that we can update mow notes with locations. Notify us of locations of any landscape or solar lighting located in the lawn and not in landscape beds. Notify us ahead of time if there will be a potential conflict between our maintenance and other outside work, such as driveway sealing, roofing, septic, gas lines, pool installation, non-Endless Summer fertilization, etc. If we encounter obstructions or conflicts, at the crew’s discretion, we will service what we have access to or we will skip your lawn and you will be charged a full mow price fee (in accordance with day-of skips as outlined in our skipping policy). If there is something unavoidable, urgent, etc., we will work with you to be as fair as possible, but these are the parameters of this policy. 

Pricing: Lawn mowing prices are based on estimated time for job completion at the average property of the same square footage. Prices may need to be adjusted if an initial estimate proves inaccurate due to hills, terraces, fences, excessive tree cover, or other challenges that force the job to exceed budget hours. We will contact the customer with new pricing for approval if the price needs to increase based on exceeding budget hours. Price increases based on increased business costs, industry standards, and/or inflation from year to year will be communicated via email before the start of the mowing season. The latter changes are NOT subject to approval. 

Weekly vs bi-weekly: By customer request, we can switch a customer from bi-weekly service to weekly service any time. We do not allow for switching from weekly to bi-weekly service. The spring and fall growing seasons in our area outpace the summer season. Our pricing is based on maintaining your lawn on a schedule for the whole season. The quicker mows in the summer offset the additional time we spend in the spring and fall when lawns are higher, thicker, wetter, and leafier. Our bi-weekly lawn routes are also separate from our weekly routes and are not easily changed or added to mid-season. Please choose the plan that best suits your lawn’s overall needs for the entire season to the best of your knowledge. We can usually accommodate one-time mowing requests between bi-weekly services at the bi-weekly price. Our skipping policy allows for some flexibility for weekly lawns in the summer.

Routing: To maintain industry-standard pricing and maximize efficiency, we route lawns by geographic area as tightly as possible. For this reason, we don’t offer mow-day selection and all lawns are routed with other surrounding lawns. As we add new customers and evolve as a company, we reserve the right to alter routes and mow days as necessary without notice. We have two separate bi-weekly routes based on location, so customers will be placed on the bi-weekly route associated with their area. Depending on when service is starting and on what route, the customer may receive two mows on back-to-back weeks so that we can get the lawn on its proper schedule. We reserve the right to change the service schedule for bi-weekly properties if necessary for routing reasons, which may also result in two services back-to-back. 

Fall: After the regular maintenance season ends in mid-October, we discontinue weekly and bi-weekly mowing and switch to offering a series of three fall cleanups billed at an hourly rate for the remainder of the season. We do not offer continuing regular maintenance after the second week of October based on the increased crew sizes, extra equipment, additional time needed, and reduced daylight hours associated with maintaining a lawn through the fall.

Paused services: Any lawn paused and then restarted before a service is missed (restarted by close of business the day before next scheduled service) will restart normally. Any weekly lawn paused for non-payment or any other reason that misses one regularly scheduled mow will be charged the bi-weekly rate for their first service upon restarting. Any bi-weekly lawn paused for non-payment or any other reason that misses one regularly scheduled mow will be charged double their bi-weekly rate for their first service upon restarting. Any lawns paused that miss more than one regularly scheduled mow will be mowed at an hourly rate for their first service upon restarting. When mows are missed, it takes longer for our crews get the lawn back into the shape it needs to be in for continuing maintenance at the original service price. These extra charges give our crews more time to make sure that your lawn is properly serviced and back on track after missing mows. 

Terms of Service: By signing your recurring maintenance proposal, you acknowledge that you read and understand the service details. You also agree to our full Terms of Service, which can be accessed here.