We know that signing the proposal can sometimes be confusing! We wish we could change the software ourselves, but short of that, here are some instructions to help!

First, watch this (it repeats over and over):


Step By Step:

  1. Click the purple button that says “Click here to sign estimate”
  2. A box will pop up where you can draw your signature with your cursor on desktop or with your finger on mobile
  3. Under your signature, type your full name in the box that says “Signed by:”
  4. Click the orange “Save” button below your typed name
  5. Scroll back down to the bottom of your proposal
  6. There will now be a red button that says “Accept Proposal”
  7. Click the red “Accept Proposal” button
  8. You will now be redirected to a new page that says “Finished!” at the top
  9. You will also receive a confirmation email saying that we got your signed proposal
  10. If you do not see the “Finished” screen or do not get a confirmation email, please reach out to our office for assistance at 862-268-6317